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Global Professionalism Standards

Global Professionalism Standards (GPS) are the rules of commitment that we utilize at each stage of the relationship with our valued clients and also serves as a foundational mindset for our "Reflective Engagement" process.

We value our clients expectations and have developed these standards to ensure our ability to deliver with confidence and accountability in all we commit to pursue.
Establishing the Client & Service Provider Relationship
- We work to clearly identify the needs, expectations, responsibilities, and goals of our service relationship.
- We understand the intimate nature of our work and hold the critical details of our projects as strictly confidential 
Gathering Client Data Including Goals
- We define objectives that are specific and measurable based on existing resources, networks, and expectations of the client.
Analyzing and Evaluating the Client’s Customer Engagement Focus
- We focus on SMART goals and define the challenges we will focus our energy on in order to deliver value.
Developing and Presenting the Customer Engagement Recommendations and/or Alternatives
- Our ongoing services and recommendations are to remain relevant because of a focus on our communication and knowledge of our clients needs.
Implementing the "Reflective Engagement" Recommendations
- With a clear understanding of all the expectations and challenges we will deliver the solutions and services with clarity and focus.
Monitoring the Engagement Activities to Ensure We Achieve Stated Goals
- When applicable we will work to ensure our solutions and services remain relevant to the changing expectations of the audience and the regulators.
GPS Digital Media is a company dedicated to delivering value to our clients by focusing on your needs and being transparent about our role and objectives.  Our Development, Strategy, and Support services process has been structured over time to ensure our ability to understand the strategic and technical challenges the client is looking to solve.  The in depth knowledge of the regulatory environment and focus on delivering high quality technical solutions and training support around those challenges is what sets us apart. Let's Talk Today to learn more about how we can help you successfully improve your digital media results.