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Reflective Engagement™ Knowledge Center

  • Reasons to Conduct a Full SEO Link Audit

    An SEO link audit is the process of pulling the inbound link data of your site and of your competitors using an SEO tool like SEOMoz and analyzing each existing link that points to the sites. It involves manually visiting each link and categorizing the link. Categories could include article links, press release links, blog/blog comment links, directory links, industry/business profile links, social media links, and more. It’s certainly a time consuming process and it’s not all that much fun, but it’s a necessary component of an SEO strategy.

  • SEO Content Should Be Original

    Content is a huge component of a search engine optimization campaign today. Gone are the days of tricking the search engines by simply buying a bunch of links and incorporating lots of anchor text keywords in order to get a website to rank. The search engines have become a lot more sophisticated and the search ranking algorithms are much more complex. The web pages that the search engines favor the most are the ones that have great content and the ones that are shared and linked to naturally within social media and other quality websites across the web.